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Dibujo de Josep Perpiñà

Catalan Hunter trilogy synopsis

Catalan Hunter is an unclassifiable novel since the plot is surrealistic, loving, chivalrous, humorous and dramatic. All that without forgetting that the present work is based on real facts: Marc Tarrús tells us in this novel his Catalan Hunter project, an ambitious Neo-Romantic movement that, relying on the goodness that still remains in this world, cannot be called in any way utopian. At the heart of this project is the seed of this novel and also its intention: all types of art and science can unite to make the world see that we still have the opportunity to create a better society.

The main character of the trilogy, Salvi, has an extraordinary talent for poetic creation and, throughout the plot, makes us doubt whether art meets our demon or, on the contrary, with the goodness that is inside us. This scientist, one day feels inspired by poetry and begins to fight with himself, with that being that was born within him: the Catalan Hunter. The reader will feel identified with its main character: we are all Catalan Hunter, because this story invites us to reflect on the duality that concerns us all.

Dibujo de J. Perpiñà
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